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We provides a professional service of high standards, meeting the exacting requirements of our most sophisticated clients, yet our services are affordable and accessible to even our most modest customers. Our Clients receive a superior range of quality products and services. Our vast experience, coupled with a global presence, yields a unique market awareness which will serve your firm well.

Healy Consultants is a diversified group of companies operating in the corporate services, property, search engine marketing, and publishing businesses.

These include company incorporation, corporate bank account opening, assistance with listing on stock exchanges and raising corporate finance, tax and accounting services, relocation and migration, property investment advice in Asia, and search engine marketing.

Our ability to deliver results and services which meet our Clients’ exacting requirements is based on our extensive experience of corporate consulting in Asia and globally. This anecdotal experience is brought together in our books range, comprehensive guides designed to equip entrepreneurs with all the information necessary to make strategic investment decisions in Asia and globally.